Smoking ban in atlantic city casinos

Smoking ban in atlantic city casinos argosy casino ks

No smoking signs were prominently displayed at entrances, as well as atop each bank of slot machines.

Otherwise, there would not have been enough votes to pass the measure and created a health benefit everywhere else in the state, Vitale said. Do we legally ignore workers' safety and health in any other industry in America? What I still don't get is,if the employees of casino's feel it is so dangerous for them to work in a smoke environment find another job. The council agreed, but procedural delays prevented it from act gambling trial the deadline change in time to stop the ban from going into effect today. Welcome to the discussion. But Councilman Dennis Mason said Atlantic City would be placing itself at an even greater disadvantage by banning smoking; the Pennsylvania slots parlors allow it on 50 percent of the gambling floor. Thank you for reading pressofAtlanticCity.

One solution for Atlantic City would be to make the resort's casinos entirely smoke-free and then market the daylights out of that fact. Not only on. ATLANTIC CITY -- A year after the nation's second-largest gambling resort scrapped a plan to go totally smoke-free in its 11 casinos, the issue. Two years after New Jersey banned smoking in most public buildings, the last groups not affected — casino workers and patrons — could soon be included.

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